Norriego Point Sunset


If you follow along with this blog, you know that my family and I have taken a vacation to Destin, Florida for the last two Summers.  This year we were all set to take another trip at the beginning of the Summer, when my dad fell off a ladder and broke his heal and his hip!  Crazy stuff.  We postponed the trip in hopes that he and mom would still be able to go.  While dad has been making great progress (he was just cleared to start putting weight on that leg this past week), he just didn’t feel that he would be able to ride in a car that long, so he told us and my brother and his family to go without them this year.

Every time we’ve been to Destin I’ve come home with some really nice sunrise and sunset pictures, and this year was no different.  I actually joked one evening that Destin must have made a deal with God, because they get more than their fair share of beautiful sunsets.  The challenge, for me anyway, is finding interesting spots to shoot from.  This year, while fumbling around on Google Maps, I discovered a place called Norriego Point, which sits between Destin Harbor and East Pass.  It is trivially easy to get to and, as it turns out, is an excellent place to take pictures of the sunset during the Summer months (and perhaps year-round).  Now, I’m of the opinion that the Destin bridge just isn’t a pretty structure, so if you’re like me, you’re still in luck.  There are plenty of scenes to shoot at Norriego Point that don’t include the bridge (as is the case with this picture, the bridge is actually behind me).

–Dan Thompson

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