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Most Recent Travel Posts about Australia (Oceania)

POTW: Church of the Good Shepherd

    This week’s picture of the week is the third in a three part series (part 1, part 2) and is of the Church of the Good Shepherd in Lake Tekapo, New Zealand (near the Mt. Cook region of the south island).  Holly and I had seen pictures of the little church prior to...

POTW: To Shear a Sheep

    Don’t ask me why, but when Holly and I started planning our trip to New Zealand, at the top of Holly’s ‘things to do’ list was shearing a sheep.  Where she comes up with these things I have no idea… but she definitely wanted to do it (and I’ll admit I thought it...

Come Follow Along

For those that know us, it is no surprise that Holly and I love to travel. I caught the travel bug back in 2002, and after Holly and I met and married, she quickly followed suit. Here on the travel section of our site, you can follow along with our travels and possibly see where we’re headed next.

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